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The Commissioners corner - a guide to conflict of interest issues

Queensland Integrity Commissioner Dr Nikola Stepanov takes us through best practice regarding conflicts of interest and material personal interests.

Where the real action is happening on climate change

You may have heard this week the lament of some in Labor, the Greens and other progressive political circles that the federal election result means there will be no serious action on climate change

Taking the big ideas to Canberra

With the federal election campaign all but done and dusted, local government in Queensland has a much better idea about where the major parties stand on our policy proposals.

The 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors' Forum

The 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2019APCS) and Mayors’ Forum returns to Brisbane from 7-10 July.

Advocacy 2019: a state of change

A matter of days out from the federal election it is pleasing to see issues that really matter to local communities are finding their way into the campaign narrative.

Finally, a win on indigenous housing

The Labor Party has pledged to spend $1.5 billion on providing housing in remote indigenous communities if it wins the 18 May election.

Preference deals must be kept out of council elections

The cynical deal making and distraction that is a feature of the system of compulsory preferential voting is writ large in the current federal election campaign.

Federal election blog: Housing: the first building block to better indigenous health

Missing from the raft of promises by both sides of politics is an acknowledgment that the simple provision of proper shelter has a powerful impact on the physical and mental health of everyone, including indigenous communities.

Climate change: a few dollars goes a long way

Time for Bill Shorten, Scott Morrison and the parties they lead to take note of local government’s role in battling climate change.

Parties take note: Local perspectives produce better policy

There's always a lot of rhetoric in election campaigns; "most important in decades" is a favourite, that said there is value in rating the policy performance of parties against present day challenges.

Federal Election Blog: Road safety: what needs to happen at this election

The newly minted sign held up this morning on Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove by a volunteer for the LNP candidate’s campaign for the seat of Ryan said: Will fix local roads.

Federal election blog: the sleeper issue of the campaign

Every now and then, the media hits upon something that moves people outside of the daily political narrative. The pundits call these “sleeper” issues. The Great Barrier Reef is a sleeper issue in this campaign.

Federal election blog: Electric vehicle boogaloo on fuel excise

The two major parties are going at each other hammer and tongs about encouraging such a big increase in electric vehicles in such a short time, neither is keen to get involved in what it means for the future of road funding in Australia.

Federal election blog: Rebuilding smarter after disasters

One of Australia's most respected public agencies has made it clear what needs to happen to make communities more resilient in the face of disasters. But it hasn't happened yet.
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