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National focus on strategies essential for successful solutions

A national, integrated approach to water security, regional roads, waste and coastal inundation is essential

2020 local government elections kick off

As of Saturday 22nd February – the local government electoral race has begun.

Fire Fight continues

The LGAQ and the State Government this week joined in condemning the Commonwealth’s refusal to extend its $1 million in bushfire grants to all fire-affected Queensland councils.

Sister Cities doing it for each other

In some parts of the world they’re called ‘partner cities’, ‘friendship towns’ or ‘twinned cities’.

Proper community engagement key to closing the gap

The new Closing the Gap agreement must be Indigenous-led and must consider community views. The Government should harness the wisdom of local people and local representatives.

Councils get behind the Olympic bid

The 2032 South East Queensland Olympics certainly has a ring to it. Especially when you know its benefits will also be felt far outside the southeast corner of the state.

LGAQ President: Response to Senator Hanson's anti-Olympics campaign

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson’s comments regarding Queensland’s 2032 Olympic Games bid are both untrue and damaging to the economic, social and cultural growth of the state.

Councils condemn rushed and inadequate koala reforms

Now is not the time to allow thousands of hectares of known local koala habitat to go unprotected.

LGAQ heads into the ruck again

After another week in the trenches, my mind turned to what it must look like to those on the sidelines, or even just a few metres away from the grind of the ruck.

Integrity Commissioner: How to deal with lobbyists

What to do when approached by a lobbyist as an elected member.

The value of parkrun to small communities

The global phenomenon of parkrun gives fantastic benefits to communities and people across Australia and the world.

Independent Assessor: Conduct in the election lead-up

As the 2020 local government elections draw closer integrity issues remain a key theme.

Minister Hinchliffe: Local government elections are just around the corner

But while it feels as if the year has flown by, so much has happened in the past 12 months in the Local Government sector.

Land Restoration Fund information workshops

DES will be hosting a series of workshops to help landholders and land managers apply for the Queensland Government’s Land Restoration Fund

Local Government Reforms - Informal Meetings

The Department of Local Government has released an information paper today on Proposed Local Government Regulatory Reforms – informal meetings

OpED: State Government must hold its ground

The LGAQ is calling for common sense to prevail on new conflict of interest offences

Element of intent must remain in new Conflict of Interest offences

The LGAQ is urging the Palaszczuk Government ensure the element of intent remains part of planned new conflict of interest offences currently before State Parliament.

Queenslanders say they are satisfied with their local councils as they prepare to cast their vote

Almost two-thirds of voters are satisfied with their local council as they prepare to cast their vote in the upcoming March 28 quadrennial elections

Better Communities now in the palm of your hand

​Our new city simulation game puts you in charge of civic leadership with real world challenges and consequences. You’ll get virtual insights into budgeting, land value, crime, pollution, education and more.
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