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Time to reflect

Irrespective of one’s religious views or credo, each faith has its seasons. Easter is one of those signposts for reflection.

Parties take note: Local perspectives produce better policy

There's always a lot of rhetoric in election campaigns; "most important in decades" is a favourite, that said there is value in rating the policy performance of parties against present day challenges.

Federal Election Blog: Road safety: what needs to happen at this election

The newly minted sign held up this morning on Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove by a volunteer for the LNP candidate’s campaign for the seat of Ryan said: Will fix local roads.

Federal election blog: the sleeper issue of the campaign

Every now and then, the media hits upon something that moves people outside of the daily political narrative. The pundits call these “sleeper” issues. The Great Barrier Reef is a sleeper issue in this campaign.

Galloping into a federal election

With the Federal election scheduled for 18 May. The Australian Local Government Association and the LGAQ were straight out of the blocks, pitching our 7-point plan with the prime ask a restoration of financial assistance grants to 1% of federal taxation revenue.

Federal election blog: Candidates beware: mayors are not happy

How the parties respond to the LGAQ;s seven-point plan will draw a picture about the extent to which whoever wins government on 18 May will unlock local community potential.

Federal election blog: Electric vehicle boogaloo on fuel excise

The two major parties are going at each other hammer and tongs about encouraging such a big increase in electric vehicles in such a short time, neither is keen to get involved in what it means for the future of road funding in Australia.

Lead the way: drive so others survive

Are you planning any events for National Road Safety Week 6-12 May? A council factsheet and digital assets are available to show your council’s support in your community.

Federal election blog: Rebuilding smarter after disasters

One of Australia's most respected public agencies has made it clear what needs to happen to make communities more resilient in the face of disasters. But it hasn't happened yet.

Federal election blog: Indigenous housing deserves debate

Indigenous housing should be part of the conversation this Federal election.

Summary: Federal Budget 2019 - 2020

A comprehensive rundown of budget decisions affecting Queensland councils.

Planning changes suit councils

In a win for Queensland councils, the LGAQ has been successful in its advocacy on the Economic Development and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018.

Budget 2019 invests in regions and cities: LGAQ

The Local Government Association of Queensland said the Budget went some way to meeting the needs of local communities but councils would continue to push for more investment from Canberra.

Local government coordination delivers results

Local government coordination across the Torres Strait, Cape York and Gulf region is continuing to gain in momentum with the coming together last week of all 14 of the region’s local governing authorities.

Welcome boost to road safety but more investment needed

Queensland councils have welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of increased roads funding, a move that will help improve road safety outcomes across the state.
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