About Us

Corporate Governance

The LGAQ is committed to effective governance practices which reflect accountability, transparency, and professional integrity within a framework based on trust and intellectual honesty.

While less than 25% of the Association is funded by member subscriptions, the LGAQ has for the past two years fully rebated  the equivalent of the total subscription amounts collected back to the councils who are a member of both of the LGAQ’s successful self-insurance schemes – and will seek to do so for the next decade.

In short – for the vast majority of Councils there is no net cost burden to ratepayers from their Council participating in the LGAQ. The remainder of the Association’s costs are funded through business initiatives.

Our structure

The LGAQ is a public company limited by guarantee registered under the Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001.

As one of the oldest institutions in Queensland, it is overseen by its member councils and ultimately administered by a Policy Executive (a group of mayors and councillors who are elected by their peers to represent all regions of Queensland) and its Board.

  • The Policy Executive has 16 members - 15 district representatives and a President - who meet six times each year.
  • The LGAQ President is elected by member councils and serves a four-year term.
  • The LGAQ Board has four (4) Directors - three Directors (appointed by the Policy Executive) and the President.

Checks and balances

  1. The LGAQ and its subsidiary businesses are audited by the Auditor-General of Queensland.
  2. The LGAQ Board appoints an Audit and Compliance Committee acts as an advisory service to the LGAQ Board to assist in the effective discharge of its responsibilities for the effective financial management of LGAQ, including risk management, compliance with regulatory requirements and external reporting. The Queensland Audit Office is also attends Committee meetings.
  3. The LGAQ is a registered employer organisation, regulated by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

Executive Leadership

Together our Board and Policy Executive set and guide the strategic direction of the LGAQ and our work for members.

Meet the Executive Leadership