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LGAQ membership is utilised by all 77 councils in Queensland. Members enjoy a broad range of services and benefits supporting councils to connect, innovate and achieve.

The LGAQ's 2019-2020 membership fee, rebates returned through LGM and LGW insurance schemes, net contribution to LGAQ operations and charging model can be viewed here.

The 2018-2019 membership fee can be viewed here

The 2017-2018 membership fees can be viewed here. 

Strong and influential advocacy

Improving the lives of Queenslanders

With one united voice

As members of the LGAQ, councils are bringing together their influence and using it to advocate for changes that will improve the lives of Queenslanders. A strong, innovative and influential peak body means local government can more effectively advocate for solutions that help local communities and share information and experience about what works.

Daily support services

Helping you in your job

Every day

LGAQ membership provides councils with access to services and support designed to help Councils, councillors and council employees in their roles. This means access to local government experts with advice, tools and resources, professional development and networking opportunities and, shared platforms and services driving down costs.

A gateway to savings

Cost effective products

Designed for you

LGAQ membership creates an avenue for councils to benefit from the scale of the sector and access products at an additional cost which are designed by local government – for local government. This provides cost effective solutions to shared challenges and empowers councils to adopt innovative approaches to the business of local government.

Keeping you connected

A statewide network

News and analysis on issues that matter

As members of the LGAQ you will receive breaking local government specific news and updates, however you choose to receive them. Access SMS alerts, weekly news round-ups, social media updates, good news stories and case studies from your local government network.