LGAQ membership is utilised by all 77 councils in Queensland. Members enjoy a broad range of services and benefits supporting councils to connect, innovate and achieve.

Membership is voluntary, and all Queensland councils are members. 

While less than 20 percent of our revenue comes from member subscriptions, the LGAQ has for the past number of years fully rebated total subscriptions to councils who are a member of the LGAQ’s successful self-insurance schemes. 

Our policy direction is guided by our Policy Executive, a group of mayors and councillors elected by their peers to represent all regions of Queensland. The Policy Executive has 16 members - 15 district representatives and a President - who meet six times each year to set our policy agenda.

The LGAQ also has a Board, appointed by the Policy Executive and consisting of three Directors and the President.

To acknowledge and pay respect to the First Australians, the LGAQ adopted a Reconciliation Action Plan and works in arms with Queensland’s 17 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island member councils to advance the rights of First Australians.

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