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Data and Analytics

Laptop with dashboardData and Analytics as a Service offered by LGAQ is designed to provide councils an opportunity to utilise expert advice and guidance on anything to do with data. Our aim is to assist councils increase their data literacy and maturity, in particular regarding data management and visualisation.

There are two key components to the offering:


  • Includes assisting councils with dashboards and reporting to gain greater understanding of performance, webinars, information sessions as well as assistance with bespoke data analysis.


  • Access to the purpose-built products that provide analysis of cost areas such as energy, fleet and communications.

Three packages of inclusions are available for the service, with the Bronze package included as part of your membership with LGAQ.

For any questions regarding any of our Data and Analytics products and services please contact us at or on 1300 542 700 or 0428 304 105.

Data and analytics snapshot

Energy Detective
Identify trends and patterns in energy consumption and costs to assist with optimising council processes and potentially address wastage and erroneous usage. Additionally, the product provides benchmarking against other organisations’ usage and spend.
Fleet Detective
Understand and optimise costs of your organisations fleet through analysis of your fuel, mileage, telematics and asset management information. Identify anomalies in utilisation of vehicles and improve safety through analysis of vehicle usage and driver behaviours.
Communications Detective
Gain insights to your organisations spend related to communications and internet as well as a greater understanding of your device asset register including contract end dates and usage.
Waste Detective
Utilising data that is provided to the State Government, Waste Detective provides easy to understand analysis of your organisation’s waste related activities including the ability to compare with other Queensland councils.
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