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Vote For Local

2024 State Election Campaign.
About Vote For Local

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Every Queensland community contributes to the fabric of this state. Every Queensland community deserves to be a liveable one.

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As Queenslanders prepare to cast their vote in the 2024 State Election, they do so at a time of deep transition and growth for Queensland.

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On behalf of Queensland councils, the LGAQ is calling on all political parties to align their commitments to the priorities of Queensland communities.

Campaign Details

Queensland councils have issued a call to all sides of politics to back local communities by supporting grassroots initiatives to address cost of living, improve infrastructure, place community needs at the centre of the clean energy future, and other key solutions - or risk losing their vital support on polling day at this year’s State Election.

Through their local council and the LGAQ, communities are asking candidates to commit to a range of critical policy and funding asks, under 8 key themes. As part of the campaign at the LGAQ will independently rate the major parties in a report card. Parties will be offered the opportunity to revise or improve their rating at different points during the campaign.