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New research conducted for the LGAQ has revealed councils will have to cover a $2.2 billion funding gap if the state does not increase the cap on how much councils can charge property developers for infrastructure vital for liveable communities.

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Queensland communities rely on councils to provide critical infrastructure like roads, parks and water and wastewater to keep pace with growth.

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However the State-set infrastructure charges cap has not been appropriately indexed since introduced in 2011 and is placing enormous pressure on councils battling to protect ratepayers during a cost-of-living crisis.

About the research
SEQ forecast

In South East Queensland, local governments are forecasting a trunk infrastructure funding gap of more than $1.54 billion over the next four years. If councils were forced to pass that on, it could add an extra $269 each year to a residential rates bill.

In regional Queensland, the forecast gap is more than $650 million over the next four years, which could add an additional $437 per annum to rates for regional residential properties. 

The research sought to quantify the trunk infrastructure funding gap and identify options for a fairer trunk infrastructure funding and charging framework that does not further cost shift costs onto councils and the community.

Campaign Details

Queensland councils are calling for a more equitable trunk infrastructure funding and charging framework. They are proposing 5 solutions, and are calling for ongoing work, in collaboration with councils, to fix Queensland's trunk infrastructure funding framework. If the State Government fails to modernise Queensland's trunk infrastructure funding and charging framework, communities and households could be hit with unfair rates hikes that could have been avoided.