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Local government is the level of government which most closely aligns to the community and their aspirations.

In Queensland, there are 77 local governments that cover the length and breadth of our state.

From the most northern parts of Australia’s Cape York, to the most rural and remote areas of our state’s borders, local government covers every inch of Queensland’s 1.8 million square kilometres.

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) was established in 1896 to represent the collective interests of this diverse level of government as its peak body.

We are one of the oldest and most stable peak organisations in Australia, yet we are known for our innovative and ground-breaking policy development and business achievements.

In 2017, we were recognised by the Queensland Government as a Queensland Great for our institutional service.

100% council owned

The LGAQ is 100% council-owned. As a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee, we exist to serve each and all the state's 77 councils.

Our members trust us to deliver support and advice to all levels of council, from the mayor to the most junior employee.

This daily support and guidance is coupled with our commitment to ensuring the interests and entitlements of our member councils are always advanced and protected.

Membership is voluntary, and all Queensland councils are members.

While less than 25 percent of the Association is funded by member subscriptions, the LGAQ has for the past two years fully rebated the equivalent of the total subscription amounts collected back to the councils who are a member of both of the LGAQ’s successful self-insurance schemes – and will seek to do so for the next decade.

Our policy direction is guided by our Policy Executive, a group of mayors and councillors elected by their peers to represent all regions of Queensland. The Policy Executive has 16 members - 15 district representatives and a President - who meet six times each year to set our policy agenda.

The LGAQ also has a Board, appointed by the Policy Executive and consisting of three Directors and the President.