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LGAQ President, Mayor Mark Jamieson

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First elected in 2012, Mayor Mark Jamieson is currently serving his third term as mayor of Sunshine Coast Council. During his first term, Mayor Jamieson led the development of a 20 year blueprint for a new economy for the Sunshine Coast, as well as the implementation of a new planning scheme.

Prior to his election as Mayor in 2012, Mark Jamieson enjoyed an extensive career in chief executive and senior leadership roles in the private sector, with both strategic and operational responsibilities for customer satisfaction, staff development, business performance and shareholder growth.

Mayor Mark Jamieson was re-elected as president of the Local Government Association of Queensland at the 124th LGAQ Annual Conference in 2020 and will hold the position for four years. The President of the LGAQ is also by virtue of their presidency chairman of the LGAQ Board and Policy Executive.

The Board

The LGAQ Board is responsible for the operation of the business of the company. The Board of four Directors consists of the President elected by the member councils at the Annual General Meeting following the quadrennial council elections and three other Directors elected by and from members of the Policy Executive.

LGAQ Constitution as adopted on 31 August 2010 (amended October 2019)

The Policy Executive

Responsible for the determination of the Association's policy on behalf of member councils, the Policy Executive consists of 15 district representatives and the President. The Policy Executive meets 6 times per year to discuss and determine LGAQ policy.

Senior Management