Conquering Queensland’s housing crisis

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Campaign Facts

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Four in five Queenslanders identify housing as an issue for their local community, listing a lack of affordable housing and land and long-term rental properties as the top challenges.

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Queensland’s remote and discrete First Nations communities are grappling with chronic overcrowding, threatening health and education outcomes in these areas.

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Too many Queenslanders are sleeping in tents, cars or on couches, or living in overcrowded houses. Everyone deserves a safe, secure and affordable home.

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Queensland councils have a set of community-driven priorities to ensure every Queenslander has access to safe, affordable and reliable housing – but they need State and Federal support.

Campaign Details

In 2021 councils were among the first to raise the alarm about the housing crisis gripping Queensland communities, passing a series of resolutions calling for urgent and coordinated action by all levels of government. Their campaign for action helped spark a Queensland Housing Summit, called by Annastacia Palaszczuk. Councils continue to campaign for support for their suite of practical proposals to address the very localised impacts of this crisis - and in 2023 published a new Local Government Housing Strategy which includes calls for action that were made by councils at the past two LGAQ annual conferences, and at the 2022 Queensland Housing Summit.