Council Careers

About the Sector

Local government in Queensland employs more than 40,000 people and oversees more than $108 billion in community assets.

From building homes in remote communities to protecting our grazing lands, keeping soft plastics out of our oceans, taking care of our parks and curating council social media sites - local government offers a diverse range of career opportunities in every corner of our state.

Watch these short clips to uncover the stories behind each of these every-day council roles.

Proud to be your council: Tiny bugs, big graziers
How can tiny bugs help our big graziers? Watch this video to find out.
Proud to be your council: Zoo-topia in Bundaberg
Why would a council run a community zoo? Watch the video to find out.
Proud to be your council: Protecting our reef
Here's how councils are helping keep plastic out of our beautiful reef.