The LGAQ in 2020

Published: 19th June 2020

On the cusp of 125th anniversary of service to the local government sector in Queensland the Local Government Association of Queensland stands ready to deliver a mix of new and established membership value for all 77 of its council members during the 2020 – 2024 term.  From the most northern parts of Australia’s Cape York, to the most rural and remote areas of our State’s borders, local government covers every inch of Queensland’s 1.8 million square kilometres. 
The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) was established in 1896 to represent the collective interests of this diverse level of government as its peak body.  During it’s nearly 125 years of service to the sector, the LGAQ’s reputation as one of the most stable peak bodies in Australia is hard earned.  At the start of a fresh local government term in 2020, Queensland councils and communities face new challenges and opportunities – and the LGAQ is firmly in their corner. 

Membership value at a glance  
A strong, innovative and influential peak body Improving the lives of Queenslanders. Delivering for your council and community.  
A strong, influential and innovative peak body means that local government can more effectively:  

  • advocate for solutions that help local communities 
  • share information and experience about what works 
  • educate the community about the role and importance of councils 
  • conduct timely research and development that positions councils to make informed decisions 
LGAQ in 2020


Daily support services 
Services and support to help councils do their job. Everyday. 

Membership services and initiatives offered by the LGAQ provide those working in Queensland local government with: 

  • access to local government experts in key portfolio areas who provide advice, tools and resources  
  • professional development and networking opportunities  
  • shared platforms and services that drive down costs 
  • a monitor providing news and analysis on issues impacting the local government sector 

A gateway to savings 
Access to cost-effective products designed by local government – for local government. LGAQ membership creates an avenue for councils to benefit from the scale of the sector and access products at an additional cost which are designed by local government – for local government

LGAQ membership provides councils with access to: 

  • LGMS – a local government self-insurance scheme providing stability in premiums and helping councils better manage risk.  
  • Peak Services - tailored local government solutions in areas as diverse as industrial relations, organisational development, customer services and assets. 
  • LGAQ Digital – the LGAQ’s flagship website service providing global best practice in digital customer engagement. 
  • LG Sherlock – a data storage and analysis tool helping councils convert data into actionable insights and savings. 
  • Local Buy – a leader in the provision of procurement and probity services.  

Projects to watch in 2020 
Queenslanders have relied upon local councils to deliver services and solutions for 160 years. In 2020, the LGAQ and councils are evolving and responding to the changing needs of Queensland communities with new tools and ways of working. 

  • LG Sherlock – a data storage and analysis tool helping councils convert data into actionable insights and savings. It’s two key products, Energy Detective and Fleet and Fuel Detective have saved participating councils tens of thousands of dollars in the areas of electricity and fleet management for local government. 
  • LGAQ Digital – the LGAQ’s flagship website service providing best practice in digital engagement. In its partnership with JADU, a leading global provider of web experience management software and digital services Queensland councils are building cutting edge online experiences for communities and visitors. 
  • LGx – a growing network of communication, media, digital and IT officers working in Queensland councils across the state. With a conference slated for November 2020 the network continues to pool knowledge and resources to better connect with and communicate to Queenslanders. 

A pocket guide to the LGAQ 
The LGAQ is a membership-based organisation which exists to serve each and all of Queensland’s 77 councils. Councillors and council staff can connect with the LGAQ to utilise the benefits of their Council’s LGAQ membership in several ways. 

  • Call us: 1300 542 700 
  • Email us:  
  • Connect online: Search ‘LGAQ’ to find our official website and gain access to your exclusive members only portal  
  • Visit LG House: Visiting councillors and Council CEOs can access a private members lounge at LG House in Newstead, Brisbane 
  • Councillors and CEOs will receive important emails or SMS alerts relevant to the business of local government as a part of their LGAQ Council membership.  
  • Councils drive the LGAQ’s policy agenda through a Policy Executive - 15 elected district representatives and the President who meet 6 times a year. 
  • Councils vote on the policy priorities of the LGAQ at an Annual Conference, held in 2020 on the Gold Coast from 19 – 20th October.