$4 million to protect communities from coastal hazards—applications open now

Published: 22nd May 2023

$4 million to protect communities from coastal hazards—applications open now


Queensland coastal councils will share in another $4 million to rollout infrastructure projects to bolster resilience against coastal hazards including storm tide inundation and coastal erosion.

It’s additional funding to the QCoast2100 program that supports local governments to implement climate change adaptation. To date, the program has provided some $16.2 million to 37 councils.

A partnership between the Palaszczuk Government and Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), the QCoast2100 program has helped councils analyse future impacts of coastal hazards on their communities by developing localised Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategies (CHAS).

This funding will support councils by providing funding to address priority actions identified in their CHAS and commence the projects they need to deal with hazards including sea level rise.

LGAQ CEO Alison Smith said: “Extending this funding for another two years means more help for councils and communities to reduce exposure to coastal hazard risks.

“Queensland’s coastal councils are focused on reducing risks, improving the health of our coastlines and working with the State Government to implement these important projects.

“The QCoast2100 initiative addresses a very real need for Queensland’s coastal councils and communities and the funding it provides will ensure councils are best prepared for these upcoming uncertainties.”

Applications are now open for projects to commence from July 2023, with a project completion date of 31 May 2025. Eligible projects must:

·         Deliver actions or recommendations in a CHAS or in the Implementation Plan forming part of a CHAS; or

·         Be identified in a CHAS under development, that a critical need is identified to address an imminent threat; and

·         Be reasonably expected to be able gain development approval under relevant legislation, if required, and to meet the performance outcomes in the State Development Assessment Provisions.

Councils with projects that meet the eligibility criteria are invited to apply for project funding by Friday, 23 June 2023. Further information can be found on the Program's website here.

Should you have any additional questions, please get in touch with us at qcoast2100@lgaq.asn.au.