LGAQ Board plots strategy for local government sector

Published: 5th February 2018

The Board of the Local Government Association of Queensland has committed the association to ensuring local government continues to value integrity and accountability to its constituents as hallmarks of what councils stand for.

LGAQ President Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson said local government took to heart its role as the level of government closest to the community.

Speaking at the end of the LGAQ Board’s two-day strategic retreat on the Sunshine Coast, he said part of the Board’s job was to ensure the association’s activities reinforced that role.

'What that means is doing our utmost to reflect the values the community holds dear and expects us to reflect,' he said.

Community gathering

'When it comes to integrity, the legislative reforms we have proposed actually go further than what the Palaszczuk Government has put forward and we will be pursuing those issues with the Premier and the Local Government Minister throughout this year.'

He said the LGAQ would also help councils redouble their efforts as a sector to strengthen their financial sustainability through better management of the community’s assets, and always pursuing value for money on behalf of their constituents.

'That goes beyond just balancing the books and keeping rates at a reasonable level,' he said.

'It means making sure that local government has the capacity to ensure their communities and economies continue to thrive in a global economy and take advantage of the incredible gains made through digital and data technology.'

'Local governments need to take the lead in making sure their communities engage with the rest of the world. Being at the centre of a connected world rather than existing at its edges is the best way to create jobs and ensure community wellbeing.'

'So that means pushing our case to the other levels of government and encouraging them to walk the walk and not just talk the talk on the potential of investing in better connectivity.”