Reflecting on 2020

Published: 11th December 2020

It is the final CEO wrap for 2020 and we at the LGAQ wanted to simply say to you, our member Mayors and Councillors, well done for making it through an extremely tough year. It started with bushfires and the ongoing drought before COVID-19 struck, nearly pushing pause on our quadrennial elections. The pandemic has been dominating the agenda ever since.

You have done an exemplary job under extraordinary pressure and yet again you have demonstrated the critical role local councils play in helping Queensland’s local communities respond and recover from whatever is thrown at us, be it floods, fires, the ongoing drought or a global health emergency. The LGAQ has been working hard to support you the best way we can, providing direct member advice, rolling out innovative digital tools, and fighting for the funding and policy settings you need to do your job not just during the pandemic but beyond.

You, our members, have swung in behind us when we needed your collective might to ensure the State and Federal governments pay attention.



The power of our collective voice was demonstrated in the execution of the Battleplan for Queensland Local Communities economic recovery campaign, rolled out by the LGAQ on your behalf. You backed the campaign and our sector secured hundreds of millions of dollars in stimulus funding from both the State and the Commonwealth as a result.

We came together again for the State Election campaign, and again the State Government responded, pledging to continue vital programs like Works for Queensland going forward. They also listened to our call for the local government portfolio to be linked to a senior ministry and once again paired with infrastructure and planning.

We now have a new minister in Deputy Premier Steven Miles as part of his State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning. We also have a Minister for Rural Communities in Mark Furner, a Minister for Water in Glenn Butcher and an Assistant Minister for Local Government in Nikki Boyd.

The year is drawing to an end but the work will not stop at LGAQ House as we continue to respond to member needs and to advocate in your interests to ensure you have what you need to get the job done.

Congratulations again on making it through a tough year and we look forward to serving you in 2021 and beyond.