Battleplan for Queensland Local Communities

Published: 20th April 2020

Local governments stand ready to do the heavy lifting in the fight against COVID-19 as Queensland rebuilds. 

As the sector sustains its 40,000 strong local workforce through this extraordinary time, councils continue to deliver essential public health services such as water, sewerage and rubbish collection to keep our communities safe. 

But Councils, big or small, coastal or rural, are not immune to the impacts of the COVID-19. 

To continue to provide much needed relief on the frontlines to vulnerable households and businesses, councils need help from State and Federal governments. 

We have a $608 million battleplan that is ready to go. It will deliver 14,000 new jobs and make a big difference to sustaining economic activity, minimising the impact and building back better. 



  • 8000 Jobs Advantage Package 
  • 3000-plus strong Green Army 
  • 770 job-creating community infrastructure projects  
  • Fast-tracked delivery of water security infrastructure  
  • Accelerated upgrades to critical transport infrastructure routes  
  • Localised mental and community health programs