Our seventh wonder of the world

Published: 29th November 2019

Hi folks and happy Friday!

As you know, here at the LGAQ we have a drought strategy, a water security strategy and today I’d like to talk about our plan for the reef – our 7th wonder of the world and a true Queensland icon.

This week, I am excited to talk with you about the Great Barrier Reef Water Quality Synthesis Workshop which was held in Mackay.

The event brought together some of our brightest scientific and industry minds to look at how we can best monitor and improve water quality.

32 local governments in Queensland are reef councils; guardians of about 2300 km of precious coastline.

The detrimental impacts of climate change and land-based run-off have resulted in a very poor outlook for the reef – and that’s not on.


The reef is one of the main reasons visitors flock to the Sunshine State!

I’ve been visiting the reef for the past 30 years and have always enjoyed sharing its beauty with my family.

The LGAQ is seeking $57 million worth of funding over seven years to support the Reef Councils’ Rescue Plan and help them clean up the water flowing to the reef.

With reef councils’ contributions, this would be a $74 million dollar investment in our reef.

There are three main initiatives: cleaner wastewater; cleaner storm water; and cleaner road run-off.

Reef councils are playing a critical role in supporting the Reef 2050 Plan.

Councils are already investing hundreds of millions of dollars protecting the reef, and what we’re seeking will fast track new and improved initiatives.

We’re calling on the State and Federal Governments to partner with us and get these initiatives going as soon as possible!

The best results will come from working together for the future of this magnificent underwater wonderland.

Speaking of working together, I’m wrapped our communications team has launched a “hope and happiness” social media campaign for the holiday season.

We’d like you, and your comms crews, to share photos, videos and stories about what your council is organising for communities over Christmas and the New Year.

I reckon for so many Queensland councils, Christmas festoons, parades, pageants and of course large, community Christmas trees - shine brightly in our collective memories.

For me, I loved the colourful Christmas lights at Burleigh in the 1960’s. This year, Ipswich has gone digital with Santa tracking and I see Christmas lights are being turned on by many councils, and community events like hamper packing and carols are in motion.

Please share with our team - so we can help spread stories inspiring hope and happiness.

It’s been a tough year in many respects, and we know many of you are still going through a lot, we hope this social media campaign might brighten your day.

Two weeks to go, before ho ho ho!! and I sign off for the year!