LGAQ response to State Government housing plan

Published: 3rd February 2024

LGAQ CEO Alison Smith has responded to the State Government housing plan:

“Queensland councils were among the first to raise the alarm on the housing crisis gripping the state and have presented fair, sensible and workable solutions to provide more safe, secure and available homes.

“We look forward to seeing the details of the further pillars of the State Government housing plan once they are released but it looks like the State Government has heard the call from councils and communities over the past three years that there is a housing crisis and is now taking onboard some of our members’ solutions.

“Councils will welcome infrastructure charges relief however the State Government needs to do more to assist councils, including relief to councils for infrastructure charges for greenfield development, in what is currently a massive and untenable cost-shift.

“The LGAQ supports pilots of inclusionary zoning, as proposed in the plan, but we would not support a mandatory approach, because some parts of Queensland are likely to facilitate this, but not all areas.

“We look forward to seeing the details of the further pillars of the plan once it is released and also look forward to the State Government listening constructively to the views and suggestions of councils and their communities.”

For more information, please contact
Dan Knowles, LGAQ Media Advisor