Major parties running out of time to show support for local communities

Published: 6th May 2022

The major parties are running out of time to prove they care about the future of Queensland’s local communities by backing funding priorities to benefit every voter, no matter where they live. 

With a little over two weeks left until polling day – and just days before pre-polling begins in some centres – the peak body representing Queensland councils has warned the major parties that now is the time to commit to properly funding local communities through committing to priorities including restoring Financial Assistance Grant funding back to one per cent of federal taxation revenue, as it was in the 1990s. 

Local Government Association of Queensland CEO Alison Smith said the LGAQ’s Vote for Local campaign urges Queensland voters to log on to to find out just how the major parties are delivering on key council asks with several thousand Queenslanders logging within the first three weeks of the campaign. 

“It is clear from those visiting our website that voters, particularly in marginal seats like Longman, want to know how the major parties are addressing issues important to councils and their local communities.  

“It is great to see the major parties making commitments in local areas, but it seems councils have to mark them ‘absent’ when it comes to making the broader commitments required to ensure every Queensland community is a liveable one. 

“Councils are not asking for much, just adequate, fair funding to ensure they can continue to provide the jobs, the infrastructure and the services every Queenslander is entitled to, no matter where they live in this great state. 

“Every Queensland community contributes to the economic and social fabric of this nation and they rightfully expect their communities will be properly supported in return. 

“Voters are seeking out information on candidates who will deliver for their communities.” 

Key commitments being sought by the LGAQ include: 

  • Restoring Financial Assistance Grants back to at least one per cent of federal taxation revenue 
  • Permanently funding the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program at $500 million a year nationwide 
  • Committing $100 million per year to address overcrowding in First Nations communities 
  • Holding a National Housing Summit to ensure all levels of government and industry come to the table to address the housing crisis 

The full list of priorities can be found on the Vote for Local website.   

The LGAQ has updated its Federal Election scorecard, taking into account commitments made since the start of the campaign.

Ms Smith said councils hoped that the last two weeks of the campaign would see the major parties step up and deliver announcements to ensure local communities are not left behind. 

“If the parties want to get an apple from the teacher, they’re really going to have to put in more effort. 

"As the most financially-constrained level of government, councils need financial sustainability to continue to provide the local roads, infrastructure, disaster resilience and the multitude of great services that every Queenslander deserves.” 

For more information, please contact:

Sarah Vogler, External Relations Director
Local Government Association of Queensland