Financial Sustainability Statement factsheet – helping local governments respond to financial sustainability challenges

Published: 7th May 2021

Queensland councils rely on Federal and State government funding to deliver essential services and infrastructure for the community.

Financial sustainability for local government remains a significant issue for large, regional, small, remote and First Nations councils, not only here in Queensland, but around the nation.

To continue tackling this important issue, the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) has released a fact sheet for members, outlining what the LGAQ is working on to help the local government sector respond to the financial sustainability challenge it faces.

The four areas of action include:

  • Increased funding
  • Sector scale
  • Best-fit policy
  • Shared solutions.

These categories of work are designed to actively protect and grow essential State and Federal funding programs, offer gateways to savings, influence current and emerging government policy, and identify and deliver purposeful, cost-effective solutions to local government issues.

Download the Financial Sustainability Statement factsheet here.