Statement from LGAQ CEO Greg Hallam following the lifting of the suppression order in the QIRC today

Published: 29th April 2021

“The truth has been laid bare by the unmasking of the QIRC’s decision,” Mr Hallam said today following the lifting of the suppression order.

“It is as plain as the nose on your face that there been an abuse of process by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

“If the matter could not get through the civil industrial relations tribunal due to the lack of evidence, how could a rational person think a superior criminal court would find against the former councillors.

“The criminal prosecution should never have been brought against the group of former Logan councillors.

“These former councillors were vindicated in the Brisbane Magistrates Court when the CCC’s charges against them were thrown out, and they have been further vindicated today.

“This does not change the fact that their livelihoods and reputations have been ruined and a duly elected council wrongly dismissed.

“The Government can no longer ignore the need for an independent inquiry.”