Making time for strategic planning

Published: 26th February 2021

I am coming to you today from the Sunshine Coast where an important two-day meeting has been taking place, the LGAQ Board’s strategic planning meeting.

This is a crucial gathering for your Association with the Board – LGAQ President Mark Jamieson and directors Mayors Jenny Hill, Matt Burnett, and Karen Williams – working with the LGAQ’s senior leadership team – myself, Head of Advocacy Alison Smith, General Manager of Assist Glen Beckett, Chief Digital Officer Tracy Whitelaw, Head of People and Culture Leanne Matheson and Chief Financial Officer Darren Leckenby - to set the Association’s strategic agenda for the next three years through to the 2024 quadrennial local government elections.

The LGAQ is a public company limited by guarantee. The Board has a separate role to the Policy Executive that, as its name suggests, focusses on policy. The Board focusses on the balance sheet, the finances, and the business of the LGAQ and its subsidiaries.

It meets monthly while the PE meets every two months. The Board’s fundamental role is to ensure the LGAQ is in the best shape it can be to do whatever you, its members, need it to do.

Members can read more about the respective roles and responsibilities of the Board and the PE here.