Why LinkedIn is going to help you in more ways than one

Published: 8th February 2021

By Kristy Gogolka

In its early iterations, LinkedIn was the platform to help you get a job and that was it.

These days the site is the world’s largest professional networking platform that gives its 700 million members across 200 countries not only access to the job market, but opportunities to celebrate achievements, self-publish, recognise their colleagues and connect with like-minded individuals. 

Here are my top five reasons why you should be on LinkedIn.

1. To own who you are
It is important to define yourself and know who you are and what you represent online. You are an expert in your career path and being able to define this and share content related to your field helps your network understand what you can do and what you are interested in. 

2. To know your strengths
Understand what you are good at in your role and showcase this. Understanding which area you excel in makes you a better employer and employee. If an opportunity presents itself in your area of expertise be sure to like, comment and share positive messages to align yourself to that topic. This will not only help your personal brand but also help the sector.  


3. To make meaningful connections
When meeting people in your chosen sector, be sure to connect with them. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to direct message a contact. This is a quick and simple way to communicate with your peers and co-workers.

4. To recognise your co-workers
LinkedIn is a great platform to recognise your peers and co-workers. You have a space to positively promote and encourage other people within your profession. Promoting others can help give recognition to those you work with.

5. To celebrate your wins
LinkedIn encourages collegiality by giving you a platform to both recognise your own wins as well as the wins of others. Creating a space where you can openly do this for others fosters positivity and willingness to do better within your sector. LinkedIn is more than just a platform to search for jobs, it is for like-minded professions to create, recognise and celebrate the wins of others and yourself.