LNP, Katter’s Australian Party out in front in latest council report card

Published: 5th October 2020

Labor is trailing behind the LNP, Katter’s Australian Party and One Nation in the latest Local Government Association of Queensland State Election report card, released on the eve of the official campaign kick-off.

The LGAQ’s second report card – ranking the commitment of the political parties to a suite of election priorities designed to create or support more than 28,000 jobs and generate $4.662 billion in economic activity – reveals the LNP and the KAP are tied with an overall grade of B+.

This comes after both parties committed to supporting key Queensland council priorities like the Bush Councils Compact, an agreement designed to ensure the Government considers how every Budget and legislative decision it makes will impact on bush communities.

One Nation has been awarded a C+, an improvement on its initial F grade, after the party issued a response indicating broad support for many of the LGAQ’s State Election Priorities.

The Greens also improved their score from a D to a C after expressing general support for the majority of the LGAQ’ priorities.

Labor, however, remains on a grade of C with the party so far keeping its cards close to its chest and declining to give any firm commitment to the LGAQ as to which priorities it would adopt or continue should the party secure a third term in office.

LGAQ CEO Greg Hallam said councils were extremely grateful for the partnership the State Government had fostered with councils, including most recently through the Government’s funding of a special $200 million statewide COVID Works for Queensland program and its $50 million stimulus package focussing on South East Queensland Councils.

“We want to see this partnership continue with whoever wins the October 31 State Election, be they Labor, the LNP, or with the support of the minor parties in a hung Parliament” Mr Hallam said.

“As we know, the next term will be the state’s first fixed, four-year parliamentary term.

“It is critical Queensland councils and their local communities have certainty that whoever wins the State Election is committed to the policies and programs Queenslanders need.”

“We look forward to continuing to engage with all parties in the weeks ahead as we seek further firm funding and policy commitments.” The LGAQ urges voters to visit its Vote for Local website to read the report cards for themselves and to find out which political party is committing to their local priorities.

So far more than 3000 Queenslanders have used the website to help them determine how they should vote.

For more information, please contact:

Sarah Vogler, Media Executive
Local Government Association of Queensland

Party Overall Grade Rationale
(Previous grade - C)
The Palaszczuk Government provided an initial response to LGAQ’s 2020 Election Priorities on Friday, 2 October. The Premier’s letter highlighted the Government’s strong record and partnership with the local government sector over many years. LGAQ wholeheartedly agrees with the Premier’s comments in this regard and the Government’s record and positive partnership has been acknowledged in the LGAQ’s current mark for the ALP. Disappointingly the Premier’s letter contained no acknowledgement, comment, or indication about the Government’s likely support of the LGAQ’s 2020 State Election Priorities for the coming four-year term. As such, at this time, the LGAQ is unable to amend the ALP’s initial score. However the LGAQ looks forward to further campaign announcements in response to our election priorities, as foreshadowed in the Premier’s letter. In the meantime, the ALP’s current mark acknowledges the Government’s partnership with local government over the current term and its strong response to the LGAQ’s Covid-19 Battleplan for Queensland Local Communities, which has provided councils with access to more than $340 million in State Government funding support.
(Previous grade - B-)
This mark acknowledges the LNP Opposition’s early support for the LGAQ’s Covid-19 Battleplan for Queensland Local Communities. The LNP has taken the opportunity to provide additional information about its response to the LGAQ’s 2020 Election Priorities. This additional information has been used to update the LNP’s original score. The party has indicated support for a number of the LGAQ’s Election priorities including our request for a Bush Councils Compact with Government.
(Previous grade - B)
The KAP has provided a comprehensive response to the LGAQ’s 2020 Election Priorities indicating which initiatives and programs it will fight for should the party form part of a minority government. Since the release of the LGAQ’s initial score card, the KAP have taken the opportunity to provide more information about their support for the LGAQ’s Advancing First Nations priorities, and as a result their mark has been significantly upgraded.
The Greens C
(Previous grade - D)

Since the LGAQ’s first report card, The Greens party has responded to our 2020 State Election priorities advising they are “generally supportive” of LGAQ’s platform however they have cited the need to consider “an enormous list of competing priorities” should The Greens find themselves in a balance of power scenario after the October 31

State Election. Further, The Greens have advised the final decision on what is supported will be made by the “party as a whole”. The LGAQ appreciates The Greens general statement of the broad alignment of our priorities and their indication of support for our key initiatives. However before The Greens score can be upgraded further, LGAQ requires more specific commitments from The Greens as to where our 2020 election priorities sit within The Greens’ “enormous lis

One Nation C+ (Previous grade - F) One Nation has now provided a response to LGAQ 2020 State Election priorities indicating clear support for many of our key 2020 State Election priorities. In order to upgrade One Nation’s rating further, LGAQ requires an explicit statement from One Nation to confirm that, in addition to their broad support, the party will advocate, and vote for, funding for our priority programs and initiatives should they hold the balance of power after the October 31 poll.