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The LGAQ’s commitment to innovation has always been apparent in the work undertaken for Queensland councils. In 2022, the LGAQ is taking the passion for innovation a step further with the launch of the LGAQ Lab.

The LGAQ Lab will be a place where start-ups, not-for-profits, university students and LGAQ team members can come together to develop digital solutions to Queensland councils’ biggest issues.

The bi-annual Digital Productivity Report outlines five common key areas of interest for digital maturity for councils across Queensland. The report’s findings will be the basis for digital solutions designed as part of the LGAQ Lab, however councils are encouraged to speak with their LGAQ contact to highlight any opportunities for consideration by the LGAQ Lab.

Target areas for innovation

  • Automation of processes
  • Better business outcomes
  • Increase flexibility
  • Support digital delivery of service
  • Lower costs

While the LGAQ Lab has only just begun, our team has already been hard at work on innovation projects based on council’s needs and is continuing to explore new benefits for members. Download the LGAQ Lab Overview below to find out more.

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