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Campaign Facts

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Councils are calling for immediate action and partnership with the State Government to ensure our state’s unrivalled reputation as a safe place to live, work and visit is preserved.

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In 2022 and 2023, councils united to pass several resolutions at the LGAQ Annual Conference to curb crime.

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Local government does not have law and order responsibilities. These sit with the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

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However local leaders strongly wish to represent the concerns of their communities and be constructive in partnering with the State Government to offer ideas to address these concerns.

Campaign Details

Queensland councils are calling for immediate action to urgently address pressing law and order issues within their communities amid the state’s ongoing battle with juvenile crime. 

nine-point Action Plan featuring community-driven solutions to curb youth crime was released by Queensland’s local leaders at the 127th Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) Annual Conference in Gladstone in 2023.