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Improved koala mapping for habitat conservation

An extra 190,000 hectares of koala habitat added across Queensland.

A 3D approach to slowing motorists

What started as a quick glance on Facebook by Boulia Shire Mayor Rick Britton has ended in a project that can claim to be the first of its kind in Australia.

An investment in trust

In his address to the LGAQ’s annual conference this year, President Mayor Mark Jamieson dwelt on the importance of trust.

What do councils need to consider post bushfire?

Advice for councils in bushfire impacted regions on areas like drinking water quality and asbestos risk.

Connecting Bulloo

How the Thargomindah Airport Terminal & Bulloo River Walk are bringing in the tourists and growing a community.

Council jobs: let the hard work begin

The scourge of natural disaster has come early in the disaster season in the form of ferocious fires whipped up by an unprecedented heatwave.

Message mastery with Kim Skubris

Why message mastery is critical to managing the media and engaging your audience.

Rural water and wastewater infrastructure

Rural water and wastewater infrastructure, that is. There is a looming crisis in this key area of local government business.

All Australian councils need to know about this data

You may have missed this important data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Biosolid code an issue for councils

Heard of biosolids? Here’s why a new code proposing to further limit their use is an issue for councils and communities.

Brett Walsh wins inaugural Butch Lenton Award

Barcaldine Regional Council deputy chief executive Brett Walsh has won the inaugural Butch Lenton Memorial Bush Councils Innovation Award.

Queensland Integrity Commissioner speaks

GUEST PIECE: Introducing the Queensland Integrity Commissioner Dr Nikola Stepanov.

Waste forum makes headway to zero waste future

This week, the LGAQ held its the second waste forum for 2018, paving the way for a zero waste future.

Proud to be your council

We spoke to some real-life council heroes about why they're proud to be your council for our new campaign.

PODCAST: Trade mission to Taiwan

Register by 30 November to take part in a trade mission to Taiwan. Our guest on LG On Cue is Queensland's Trade Commissioner to Taipei, Patrick Hafenstein.
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