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Representative Body

We facilitate investigation, analysis and action on all matters effecting Queensland local government. From debating State and Federal policy changes to influencing funding arrangements, the LGAQ strives to successfully represent the broader aspirations of Queensland local government.


Queensland local councils have played a pivotal role in the State’s development since 1859. The local government sector’s diversity and breadth is a fundamental contributor to Queensland’s political, social and economic history. The work of councils in serving their local communities, driving regional economies and helping to implement the State and Federal Governments’ public policy direction ensure Queensland’s continued well-being and prosperity.

The LGAQ is proud to be the peak body for a thriving, innovative and vital sector of government that contributes every day to the health of Queenslanders’s and our economy. Local government is much more than just another stakeholder. It stands ready to be a powerful partner of both the State and Federal Governments in ensuring Queensland continues to take full advantage of its

Advocacy Action Plan 2019


Policy development, representation, advice and support are available to all members through the Association's large team of managers, advisors and officers. Councils are welcome to contact the Association on any policy matter, with written and telephone support available at no cost.

Last updated 25 March 2019