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Holding the line

At its heart, the core responsibility of the LGAQ is to protect and promote the interests of its 77 members

Invest local to get global benefits

Our latest innovation roadshow highlights technologies that help solve real problems but can also rectify problems that councils never knew existed.

Future in focus

Now is an incredible place to be in history, riding the next great wave of technology and interconnectedness. Action we take now as a sector will shape how our communities live in the future.

The art of listening

Each year we try to get that little bit better in understanding the needs and aspirations of each member council. It’s a journey and not a destination but one we are absolutely committed to pursuing.

A word about innovation

I will simply say that it’s better to be riding the wave than standing underneath it. That’s the LGAQ approach to innovation - harness the beast and make it serve us.

Indigenous councils time has come

Queensland and Australia’s indigenous councils really were front and centre on the big stage this week.

State Budget - grants reform commitment the biggest win

LGAQ CEO Greg Hallam: Being a numbers man from a long way back I’m happy to report that our member councils are $61 million better off after Tuesday’s State Budget.

CEO column: Debate and dedication on display

I’ve said often in this column how much I value my time on the ground with our members. There’s no better way of gauging the temperature around an issue and its impact.

As close to normal as it gets

There have been some initial teething problems implementing the new integrity laws as councils’ race to interpret what they mean in practice.

CEO column: Not mired in the mud

Despite the legal and political contretemps of the last month, councils and the LGAQ have kept on keeping on - as you would expect.

CEO column: Silver linings out west

Another HUGE week as I pen this column from the Western Queensland Local Government Conference in Emerald.

A roller coaster week

It started Sunday morning with the opening of the newspaper and ended on the Gold Coast with back to back summits on finance and civic leadership in local government.

Acting CEO message: Decisions

Decisions. One of the most empowering characteristics of local government is the opportunity, at every council meeting, to make decisions.

A monumental week

I just felt the earth move. In the past 24 hours, the Queensland Government has committed to a zero waste to landfill future, and a waste to energy strategy.

CEO Column: A blitz of Western Queensland

Across this week and the next, the LGAQ and Peak Services will have had a dozen staff – including the President – visit nine councils in Western Queensland

Let the arm twisting begin

Bread and butter issues this week at Local Government House with both the LGAQ Rating Masterclass and our State Government Budget submission.

Waste not, want more

The business of government is never smooth but it should always be pursued with an aspirational eye on the fortunes of future generations.

Mother Nature comes calling

Good old mother nature was front and centre in Queensland over the last week with 10 councils disaster declared and 30 activated under Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

Big 3, big news

It's been a 'RRR' week this last seven days at your Association - Roads, Rates and Rubbish. Find out why in this weekly CEO update from Greg Hallam.

EMU spreads its wings

We kick off the update series next week, with teams heading out across Queensland to talk to elected members and CEOs on trends and trials for councils, including the importance of corporate culture and the ongoing challenge of financial sustainability.
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