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Putting the pedal to the metal on drought and guaranteed water supply

This week, we had wall to wall coverage on the drought and the importance of guaranteeing rural towns a reliable quality water supply.

Our seventh wonder of the world

As you know, here at the LGAQ we have a drought strategy, a water security strategy and today I’d like to talk about our plan for the reef – our 7th wonder of the world and a true Queensland icon.

What local government is all about

I wanted to share with you some positive news stories in the hope it’ll put a smile on your face.

Councils on the frontline

A big call out and thumbs up to the magnificent mayors, councillors, local council disaster coordinators, police, volunteer firefighters, and Queensland Fire and Emegency Service (QFES) staff who have been fighting 70- plus fires across Queensland.

Guaranteeing rural towns the most basic commodity: water

This week’s drought funding announcement from the Federal Government came as heartening news to communities across Queensland.

Local Government the lifestyle level of government

There was some great news this week friends; according to the venerable Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Queensland councils cracked $1 billion on capital and recurrent spending on sport and recreation for the first time for the financial year ended 30 June 2018

Censorship, celebrating journalists and a farewell

It has been one of those weeks when all the planets aligned. As many of you would be aware the major media companies on Monday launched their Your Right to Know campaign in all forms of the media.

There is sense in listening

Here’s the story of the 123rd LGAQ annual conference in Cairns by the numbers: 700 delegates, observers and exhibitors, 85 motions carried (16 unanimously), three motions withdrawn, one minister with some good news, 97 indigenous councillors in attendance and about $3 million pumped into the local economy.

A big week ahead

There are 101 good reasons to be at the LGAQ Annual Conference in Cairns next week.

Chasing the 'Real McCoy' on grant reform

The KPMG report on how grant reforms should be pursued, completed during the last term of government, remains the blueprint - the gold standard if you like.

Blooming marvellous leadership

Queensland local councils are much more than roads, rates and rubbish. They provide opportunities for our communities to come together and build pride in who they are and what they stand for.

Fire and forbearance

Over the past 12 months, our beautiful state has had to deal with fire, flood, drought and now more fire, each event close to unprecedented in severity and scope.

Nothing to waste on data

If local government needed any more reminders of the importance of basing decisions on strong, reliable data there were plenty of them at last week’s Waste Forum in Brisbane.

Touching base in the north

Quite a strong LGAQ presence in the State’s north this week with the entire Policy Executive meeting on Thursday Island in the Torres Shire senior staff attending the Northern Alliance of Councils at Bowen.

Backing a winner in the bush

What hasn’t been said about the iconic nature of the Australian bush and the great enduring connection so many of us have with that part of our nation?

Turning the technology big wheels

I’m proud to say that at the LGAQ we innovate in spades. It’s in our DNA

The urgency of climate policy

When you consider how each of the three levels of government are tackling the impact of climate change, it is local government that is determined not to allow short-term politics to spoil decisions about long-term policy.

Budget Conscious and debt savvy

Collectively, local government in this state has a great story to tell about how it manages budgets and debts.

Living our mantra: connect, innovate, achieve

I finished last week’s update reciting the LGAQ credo _ Connect.Innovate.Achieve. I start this week’s missive with the same exhortation _ Connect.Innovate.Achieve.

Investing in the future

Some good news. No nett cost for LGAQ membership again in 2019-20 for members of the LGM and LGW schemes. That is a repeat of last year. No other peak body in Australia delivers that for its members.
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