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Acting CEO message: Decisions

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Weekly column by Acting CEO and LGAQ General Manager, Glen Beckett


One of the most empowering characteristics of local government is the opportunity, at every council meeting, to make decisions. 

Decisions that move our councils and communities forward.

Indeed, the many diverse communities councils serve and support are the products of the many countless decisions already made. And their futures will be the result of the decisions made today and from this point onwards.

In the life of councils, and all governments, there are also those decisions that result in monumental shifts. Decisions that leave an indelible mark, often acting as the catalyst for significant change.

As this edition of Council Courier hits inboxes, the sixteen elected members of the LGAQ Policy Executive led by President Mayor Mark Jamieson will be debating several recent and pending decision points – each of which are materially significant.

From the promise of a zero waste future, to further strengthening the integrity in the governance of our sector and how best to positively promote local government – the agenda for local government at the minute is truly packed.

Add to this the promise of big data through LG Sherlock to unlock savings, reduce risk and improve community services and we find ourselves on the cusp of some truly special sliding door moments.

As always the Association will do its utmost to protect and promote members interests, and to assist where we can to help councils respond to, and take advantage of these new opportunities.

In closing, it is also important to recognise the role councils play in supporting the many ANZAC services and commemorations held in local communities state-wide. Those tragically momentous decisions made on foreign battlefields all those years ago forged our nation and our identity. Lest we forget.     

Breaking news: Queensland councils have committed to a zero waste to landfill strategy by the year 2028. Read the release here. 


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