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Representative Body


We facilitate investigation, analysis and action on all matters effecting Queensland local government. From debating State and Federal policy changes to influencing funding arrangements, the LGAQ strives to successfully represent the broader aspirations of Queensland local government.


LGAQ represents member interests on numerous boards and committees. From the Industrial Relations Commission to any number of government and industry boards, committees and working groups, representatives are present to ensure that the voice of local government is heard. The Association welcomes members' views and encourages council participation and engagement. 

LGAQ acts as a spokesperson for Queensland local government. It releases close to 100 news releases per annum and averages over 3000 mentions a year in all forms of media. LGAQ conducts significant campaigns and represents the united front of local government in many issues, such as the Federal Inquiry into Cost Shifting Policy.

Advocacy Action Plan 2018


Policy development, representation, advice and support are available to all members through the Association's large team of managers, advisors and officers. Councils are welcome to contact the Association on any policy matter, with written and telephone support available at no cost.

Last updated 5 October 2018