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Have your say: Managing local government rates, fees and charges


Friday, 24 November 2017

Responses required 8 December, 2017

Generally the major revenue source outside of federal assistance grants, rates provide one of the few financial levers available to address financial sustainability issues.

While councils have discretion to set rates, and may do so without assessing future service delivery requirements or longer-term financial risks, inequitable or insufficient rating practices can lead to community disharmony.

They can also lead to financially unsustainable councils that may be overly reliant on grant funding or borrowings.

The Audit

This audit (QAO Performance Audit: Managing local government rates, fees and charges) will assess whether councils are setting rates, fees, and charges that are appropriate, reliable, and relevant for the services they provide, and that support long-term financial sustainability.

READ the Performance Audit Strategy Paper or find out more about the Program at the QAO website

Closes 8 December, 2017.


The LGAQ will be making a submission and welcomes council contributions. Should your council be making an independent submission, we would be grateful to receive a copy of your submission. 

Please send responses via email to the Member Services Team by 8 December 2017

Contact Roland McMillan, Principal Advisor - Economics & Finance with enquiries 1300 542 700.

Did you know?

Non-Indigenous councils generate more than $6.7 billion in rates and charges annually, representing 59 per cent of their total revenue. Indigenous councils do not charge rates.

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