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Taskforce to Help Councils Deal with Risk of Climate Change

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Friday, 8th April 2011
Taskforce to Help Councils Deal with Risk of Climate Change


A NEW highly skilled taskforce will be established to help councils deal with the implications of the State Government's new Coastal Plan.

The Coastal Councils Adaptation Taskforce, set up by the Local Government Association of Queensland, will provide expert guidance to help councils and their communities work through planning and land use issues associated with climate change.

LGAQ advocacy general manager Greg Hoffman welcomed the release of the Coastal Plan, saying it would finally give councils the certainty they needed to ensure their communities were able to thrive despite the risks posed by climate change.

"Climate change and the danger of rising sea levels will challenge even the most prepared councils,'' Mr Hoffman said.

He said climate change and the associated risk of storm surge, coastal erosion and sea level rise posed a long-term planning challenge that only added to existing population and development pressures for most coastal councils.

"Councils and their communities can now decide how they will adapt to climate change,'' he said.

He said the Coastal Councils Adaptation Taskforce _ dubbed C-CAT _  would work with councils as part of a local government led and managed alliance to deal with state and federal governments on sea level rise and planning implications of the Government's Coastal Plan.

"C-CAT will be there to ensure councils can deal with the demons in the detail of this plan,'' he said.

"We acknowledge that the curbs on future development set out in this plan need to be introduced.''

"We look forward to the State Government's continued support for councils as they work with their communities to implement the measures set out in the Coastal Plan.''

"Councils will now need to establish how much their communities are at risk and what needs to be done to find solutions.''


Local Government Association of Queensland
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Greg Hoffman

Greg Hoffman, PSM General Manager, Advocate
Advocate    P: 07 3000 2245    M: 0418 756 005


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