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We Are Queensland grants program closing 11 August

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Linking families, connecting communities

We Are Queensland provides funding for community groups, local councils and not-for-profit organisations to deliver community-led initiatives that create opportunities for families, communities or individuals to feel included and connected with the broader community.

We are Queensland closes on 11 August 2017. Funding decisions will be announced in October 2017.


Visit the We Are Queensland website to view all information regarding the program, including guidelines and how to apply.


Queensland Social Cohesion Implementation Committee (QSCIC) was established in June 2016 as a step towards enhancing social cohesion in Queensland communities.

The Committee has developed an action plan, the Cohesive Communities Action Plan which contains initiatives directed at creating a sense of belonging and connectedness for individuals, families and communities to reduce the risk of radicalisation and anti-social behaviour.

As part of the Action Plan, the We Are Queensland small grants program aims to link families to community services and activities through locally-led initiatives. The program encourages greater connection between communities at a local level. It also provides valuable insight into local issues and assists in building an evidence-base around ‘what works’ in the Queensland context.

There are two streams –

  • Linking Families stream to support initiatives that link vulnerable families to:
    • other families
    • community organisations such as sporting and service clubs
    • community services and activities and

to strengthen local networks that support families such as maternity and parent support networks.

  • Connecting Communities stream to support initiatives that:
    • increase intercultural, inter-community interaction and relationships
    • develop positive cross-cultural networks and
    • facilitate collaboration between different groups in the community.

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For further information, please click HERE to contact the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

Local Government Association of Queensland
LG House, 25 Evelyn Street, Newstead Qld 4006


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