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Nominate now for the 2017 National Disability Awards

Friday, 21 July 2017

Comprehensive Promotion Kit included

A nomination in this year’s National Disability Awards is a great way to honour and recognise those who work tirelessly to reduce social discrimination and uphold the human rights of people with disability.

Honour those who are working tirelessly to make our society a better place. 

The 2017 Categories

  1. Lesley Hall Leadership Award – recognises excellence in development of reform opportunities that improve the lives of people with disability.
  2. Employer of the Year Award – recognises excellence in workforce diversity by providing sustainable employment opportunities for people with disability.
  3. Community Excellence Award – recognises excellence in improving access and participation in Australian life for people with disability.
  4. Excellence in Innovation Award – recognises excellence in innovation in services, places, communities or accessible technologies to improve the lives of people with disability.
  5. Excellence in Education and Training Award - recognises excellence in inclusive education or vocational training that delivers improved economic and social outcomes for people with disability.

Promotion Kit

The International Day of People with Disability Team have developed an online stakeholder kit to help you promote the Awards across a range of channels, including websites, social media platforms and electronic and printed newsletters.

2017 National Disability Awards Stakeholder kit

How can you nominate?

You can submit a nomination online, by email or post. Check out to find out more.

Nominations close at 11:59pm AEST on 6 August 2017. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in Canberra on 3 December 2017. 

Find out more

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