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LGAQ rejects Pyne allegations

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Thursday, June 15

LGAQ rejects Pyne allegations

Statement by LGAQ chief executive Greg Hallam

The rejection by the State Government and the Opposition of calls by the Member for Cairns for a special inquiry into local government is welcome and sensible. 

Such an inquiry is simply not warranted given the ongoing Crime and Corruption Commission's Operation Belcara and other official inquiries which have established that all of Mr Pyne's allegations - always made under the cover of parliamentary privilege - are without foundation.

These inquiries by independent investigators have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars yet Mr Pyne continues his attacks. 

Most disturbing were his personal slurs against the late Lockyer Valley Mayor, Steve Jones, weeks out from the March 2016 local government elections.

Mr Jones died some days after Mr Pyne's attack. Subsequently, the claims were completely dismissed by the CCC. Mr Pyne's only response was to say the timing was unfortunate.

His previous attacks in Parliament under privilege have been around the date of the last council elections.

His latest attack has occurred weeks out from the Ipswich mayoral by-election.

There is a clear pattern to his behaviour, which is completely unacceptable and only serves to devalue the honest and hard-working efforts of the many hundreds of councillors, and many thousands of council staff, across Queensland who continue to strive to do the very best for their local communities.


Local Government Association of Queensland
LG House, 25 Evelyn Street, Newstead Qld 4006


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