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LGAQ and State Government collaborate to boost trade in QLD

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LGAQ President Mayor Mark Jamieson and Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Curtis Pitt, have signed a Statement of Intent to develop a cooperative partnership to promote and coordinate trade and investment opportunities in Queensland.

LGAQ President Mark Jamieson said the agreement cements the partnership between the state and local governments and will assist councils capitalise on market opportunities, locally and overseas and position Queensland as Australia’s most innovative and dynamic trading economy.

“Local governments are best placed to identify the export capabilities of their region and the opportunities that could be pursued through securing new investment”, Mayor Jamieson said.

“Establishing this Statement of Intent will enable the LGAQ to work with Trade and Investment Queensland on a program of initiatives that will further strengthen the capacity of councils to connect with the global marketplace”.

“A key element of the LGAQ’s recently launched Advocacy Action Plan includes signing an MOU with TIQ and seeking funding support towards a professional development program which enhances councils’ capacity to effectively engage with trade and investment sources and markets.”

 “The LGAQ’s State Budget submission will call on the Government to support funding for training and professional development and a dedicated trade and investment mentor for local government elected members.”

“The Statement of Intent  will only enhance the good work currently undertaken by Queensland councils and enhance the opportunities available to them into the future.”

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said he was pleased to be able to further develop the Government’s longstanding relationship with the LGAQ and its 77 member councils in the interests of regional businesses.

In response to member feedback, the LGAQ will fund a position to assist councils with trade and investment attraction opportunities in cooperation with TIQ as well as better coordination across the sector.

Completing an MOU which includes collaborative actions is one of the key initiatives in the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017-2022, recently launched by the State Government.

You can see LGAQ’s Advocacy Action Plan here.


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