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Review to prevent election errors

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Review to prevent election errors

Queensland councils are urged to have their say in a review of the 2016 local government elections, which were plagued by problems including missing enrolments, slow updates of counts and confusion over electoral boundaries.

Former Brisbane Lord Mayor Jim Soorley will head the review panel, which also includes former Logan Mayor Pam Parker and former South Burnett Mayor Wayne Kratzmann,

The trio will make recommendations to the State Government to ensure issues that occurred before, during or after the 19 March council elections are not repeated.

The panel has written to councils, mayors, chief executive officers and almost 1500 candidates – both successful and unsuccessful – to seek their views on the conduct of the elections.

The LGAQ is seeking submissions from councils to help provide a broader response to the panel on behalf of the local government sector.

For more information, LGAQ members can click here.

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