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New state of the art facility for Livingstone Shire Council

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

By David Mazzaferri - Livingstone Shire Council

Livingstone Shire Council has a new state of the art facility to focus on engagement and education to build resilience in the community. The Hub was purposely planned to be in the centre of Yeppoon to always be a beacon for the Community and a reminder of the importance of resilience. The project received $3.35 million in funding under the Natural Disaster Resilience Program and $2.875 million from Livingstone Shire Council. 

A key feature of the planning was the integration into a park which does play a pivotal role in the engagement and education strategy. This integration into parklands was highlighted with the Official Opening of the Hub coinciding with Livingstone Get Ready Get Resilient Day on April 28th, which gave the community not only an opportunity to engage with emergency services and witness displays but also have a tour of the building.

Embedded within the Hub is the Local Disaster Coordination Centre (LDCC) fully operational at all times hosting technology that can be used by all agencies, including Microsoft Surface Hubs, Video Conference Technology, wifi and AV equipment on all bulkheads and a state of the art video wall. This AV equipment was designed to ensure that the LDCC can be used as a coordination Centre for not only the Local Disaster Management Group but by any agency as required for coordination.

Video conferencing capability enables direct link to the District Disaster Coordination Centre and the State Disaster Coordination Centre.  This Video Conference capability also enables linkages with other rooms in the Hub.

During activation the Community Education Room converts into the Local Disaster Management Group Meeting Room with its own Microsoft Surface Hub and IT and WIFI capability. Which in turn can also be transformed into Media briefing room and separate Coordination Centre.

To support the Hub is built in redundancies including the buildings own water supply and generator back up and locked down cyclone shutters fitted to the external of the building. To enhance communication capability a radio room is also installed in the building.

Since opening the doors in April the Hub has been a hive of activity with community members walking in and visiting keen to learn about the facility and multiple events.

To date we have hosted our LDMG and DDMG meetings, Climate Change Workshops, Bushfire Management meetings, Economic Development Plan launch and Business Continuity planning for businesses, Social Media workshops, Digital training for Seniors, Recovery and Resilience Taskforce meetings, LGMA Workshops, GBRMA meetings and a magical link to the Reef HQ Diver in Townsville, and LDCC training sessions.

Without a doubt the highlight so far is the multiple school visits held in the Hub. School groups are given a presentation of hazards and risks then embedded into a disaster scenario given tabards and positions in the LDCC then through visual displays and Q and A regarding the cells of the AIIMS structure discuss roles. Lock down is conducted and the students are stepped through different aspects and priorities of response and through great support of the SDCC students are given the opportunity to brief the watch desk through video conference and ask questions relating the Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements.

Resilience building will be the focal point of delivering activities for generations to come from the Hub. Importantly a resource for not only Livingstone Shire Local Disaster Management group but State agencies and other Local Governments. 


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