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ABC Drive talks Beyond Belcarra

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

CEO Greg Hallam spoke to Steve Austin last night about Belcarra, the CCC and Queensland councils' plans for moving Beyond Belcarra. 

Over the coming week Queensland mayors and councillors will receive the LGAQ's discussion paper 'Beyond Belcarra' which looks at taking tougher measures than the Belcarra recommendations to further address genuine concerns of the public regarding political processes and public perceptions regarding the transparency and accountability of elected members.

The Policy Executive will meet on 27 April to chart a path for the sector in moving beyond the Belcarra recommendations.

You can hear Greg's discussion with Steve Austin on proposed Ministerial powers, planning and development applications, political donations, material personal interests and more at the link below. The start time for the interview is 2:03:30 and finish time is 2:14:07. 

LISTEN to the Interview


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