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A new waterwaste treatment plant for Bundaberg

Thursday, 9 August 2018

By Bundaberg Regional Council

The Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant, the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by Bundaberg Regional Council, was officially opened yesterday.

Mayor Jack Dempsey was joined by State Government representatives, contractor Downer Utilities representatives, Council staff and sub-contractors to witness the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the occasion.

Mayor Dempsey said the word “game-changer” was often tossed about in reference to key infrastructure but he had no doubt the Rubyanna WWTP would significantly assist in altering the face of the regional economy.

The concept for this project was adopted in 2009 and I think everyone will agree it has been an exercise in determination, vision, astute planning and delivery and, above all, patience,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“It has been worth the journey and to have a treatment plant of such capability and one which technologically embraces the strong commitments we as a Council have to environmental protection justifies the extended process that has gone into its construction.

“Downer Utilities was engaged in a contract that showcased another first for Council. The contract was awarded on the basis of design, construct, operate and maintain and, judging from the reports compiled during the testing period, the plant is living up to its expectations.”

Mayor Dempsey said the input from the Community Reference Group (CRG) formed in 2011 under the chairmanship of Angela Williams played a key role in ensuring community expectations were always advanced.

“It was essential to have that additional layer of community overview of the project and to have an independent body like the CRG engaged certainly provided that transparency that was vitally important.

“The State Government contributed $5 million to the project which certainly was a welcome injection of capital.

“The installation of 1440 solar panels will ensure the plant has operational efficiencies that will provide long term power cost relief.”

“This plant provides so many strings to Council’s economic bow. It has replaced an aged, environmentally unsound plant at East Bundaberg, it has a capability to easily upgrade to service 60,000 residents and has been designed to enable extensions that can service 90,000 residents. It is the required infrastructure to drive development along the coastal strip between Burnett Heads and Elliott Heads.

“The project has spanned several councils and there have been numerous staff members involved in this undertaking. They all deserve congratulations for their part in what is a visionary outcome for the people of the Bundaberg Region,” Mayor Dempsey said.

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