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A blueprint for action

Thursday, 14th June, 2018

If Queensland local government was listed on the stock exchange, it would be a bigger business in terms of staff numbers and assets under management than the State's top three public companies – Suncorp, Aurizon and Tatts Group.

Put another way – if councils thrive, Queensland thrives. 

As I have said many times before, local government is not just another stakeholder in its dealings with state and federal governments.  

We make this clear in the latest version of the LGAQ’s Advocacy Action Plan which I launched on 26 April.  

It provides a blueprint for action for all three levels of government as they work together to improve the well-being of all Queensland communities. 

In 2017, our Advocacy Action Plan helped result in a boost to Works for Queensland, common sense applied to NDRRA eligibility and the restoration of SGFA funding levels for Indigenous councils.  

The 2018 Plan seeks to build on these achievements – with a particular focus on improving integrity and accountability, as well as addressing financial sustainability of councils. 

We’ve identified these as the two major focal points for local government for the remainder of this term as we strive to ensure our local government system continues to reflect the expectations of the communities we represent.  

As your representative, the LGAQ is looking to chart a path forward that goes beyond the Belcarra recommendations and squarely places the role and contribution of local government in the spotlight for our communities. 

Let us not forget that our local government service profile has extraordinary breadth and depth. No other tier of government delivers such a wide array of services that directly impact on the well-being and prosperity of people right across Queensland. 

We do this without the wherewithal and substantial revenue raising capabilities of the State and Federal governments - and we do this because it is what our communities look to us for. 

Councils spend $9 billion per year on community services, with 40,490 employees who work across 245 occupations and serve 4.9 million residents. 

Mind boggling isn’t it? But sobering none the less as it goes to the heart of demonstrating our impact across the length and breadth of this state. 

This story – our local government story – is something you will hear and see more of in the weeks and months ahead.   

It’s a story we’re proud to tell, and we hope you’re proud of it too. 

Mayor Mark Jamieson, LGAQ President 

Local Government Association of Queensland
LG House, 25 Evelyn Street, Newstead Qld 4006


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