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Emerging consensus on a recipe for disaster

Opinion: No one has made a convincing argument that forcing changes in voting rules to make councils more like state and federal governments is somehow a good idea.

Heading off a voting calamity

In public life you are often confronted with difficult choices, knowing full well the consequences could be significant and long lasting. But ultimately if you stand for principle the right choice is obvious.

Qcoast2100 wins in Coastal Awards

The Qcoast2100 Program – a joint initiative between the LGAQ and the Queensland Department of Environment of science has been awarded the 2019 Australian Coastal Award for Climate Adaption.

Premier should keep Government hands off local councils

The Palaszczuk Government’s plans to force major change to the way Queenslanders elect their local councils is the target of a social media campaign called Hands Off My Council.

Little public support for change in council voting

More than 70 percent of Queenslanders are happy with how they elect their local council, according to the results of a comprehensive poll of the state’s voters.

An issue of trust

A week of intense pressure from the LGAQ and member councils on the Palaszczuk Government has produced results.

Austrade urged to work with councils on investment strategy

A key parliamentary committee has urged the Federal Government to strive for greater co-operation with local councils to attract trade and investment to regional Australia.

Councils will not tolerate major voting changes being forced on the community

Local councils have expressed deep concern about the Palaszczuk Government’s reported plans to introduce compulsory preferential voting into local government elections in Queensland.
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