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More flights essential for regional Queensland economy

Friday, 2 August 2018

Improving health, education and tourism outcomes for communities through cheaper and more flights to regional Queensland formed the central discussion at the Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD) air services forum held this week in Brisbane.  

Rob Chandler, RAPAD Chair and Barcaldine Regional Council Mayor said it was vital that government and business came together to find opportunities,

“The services that we have now do get us from A to B, yet they are expensive and there are probably ways that we can work with government and partner with business and local operators, tourist people and attractions etc, to perhaps look at scheduling, how those flights are scheduled and how we can bring the price down.” Said Cr Chandler.Air travel

Blackall-Tambo Mayor Andrew Martin said the current flight availability meant accessing health services could sometimes be challenging,

“We have a number of health issues where all our emergency health cases are flown to Rockhampton and there’s no way for them to get home.”

Video: Regional mayors on flight costs

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