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Visitors in Focus

Regional inequality hearings in Emerald

A parliamentary committee has held an inquiry in Emerald into regional inequality in Australia. The Mayor of Central Highlands spoke about the hearings when he recently visited LG House.

New trade mentor advises local councils

David Camerlengo will assist councils seeking to attract international investment to their regions.

More flights essential for regional Queensland economy

Improving health, education and tourism outcomes for communities through cheaper and more flights to regional Queensland formed the central discussion at a RAPAD forum this week.

Visitors in focus: Mayor Rachel Chambers

We spoke to North Burnett Mayor Rachel Chambers about why the road network is so vital to the region.

Visitors in focus: Cr Jo McNally

A recent visitor to Local Government House, Councillor Jo McNally spoke to us about why protecting the land is so important.

Visitors in focus: Councillor Terry James

A recent visitor to Local Government House, Councillor Terry James spoke to us about Molly Steer, a 10 year old, grade 4 student from Cairns who has won Cairns Young Woman of the Year.


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