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Interview with Maranoa Mayor Robert Loughnan

Interview | Maranoa Mayor Robert Loughnan discusses his council's flood levee project, which has recently seen a key milestone with the beginning of its construction phase

2013 ALGWA State Conference: address by Cr Margaret de Wit

SPEECH | State Australian Local Government Women's Association Conference... LGAQ President Cr Margaret de Wit 'Getting back to Business'

2013 Waste Recycling Industry Association Symposium: address by President Margaret de Wit

SPEECH | Local government perspectives for future waste policy...LGAQ President Cr Margaret de Wit expounds the need for smarter thinking - doing more, with less.

Interview with ALGA President Felicity-ann Lewis

Interview | ALGA President Felicity-ann Lewis took time out with us to discuss the unprecedented importance of an Assembly held under the shadow of the upcoming Federal Election and September Referendum campaign.
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