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Restoration of SGFA funding needed to help Indigenous communities thrive

As part of its recently launched 2017 Advocacy Action Plan, the LGAQ is seeking restoration of State Government Financial Aid (SGFA) funding to pre-2012 levels for Indigenous councils. The funding is provided as recurrent grants to meet the costs incurred by Indigenous councils (in lieu of rates), to provide essential local government services.

Communities are the winners following planning fund launch

A better planning system for all Queenslanders will be supported by the $4.5 million Innovation and Improvement Fund.

Minister advocates for local approach to AMPs

Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Mark Furner says he supports a collaborative approach to alcohol management plans (AMPs).

16 projects approved for coastal adaptation funding

Another five local governments have been approved for coastal adaptation projects funding as part of the $12 million QCoast2100 fund.

Productivity Commission investigates Australia's adaptability

The Productivity Commission has released an initial report on the adaptability of Australia’s urban and rural regions following the mining investment boom.

Strong support for council owned smart street lighting

A proposal that would see councils own and upgrade the technology behind Queensland’s lighting network has attracted significant community support.


An action plan identifying the key goals Queensland’s local councils are pursuing as they work to improve the lives of the communities they represent has been released by the Local Government Association of Queensland.

Emergency Housing Meeting held in Cairns

Leaders from Queensland’s Indigenous councils gathered in Cairns yesterday to call on the Commonwealth Government to continue to fund housing in their remote communities, with current funding slated to cease on June 30, 2018.

Ambitious trade and investment strategy proposes new agreement with Local Government

The LGAQ has welcomed the QLD government’s new trade and investment strategy and its inclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the QLD Government and the LGAQ, which it says it hopes will be the catalyst for much needed funding to support the efforts of councils in this space.

QLD Treasurer says Cyclone will dominate budget

In the lead up to the State Budget, Treasurer Curtis Pitt has warned Cyclone Debbie presents a ‘bit hit’ to Queensland finances.
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