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Your Policy Executive meets on 7 February

Friday, 31 January 2020

We're off to a busy year in 2020 - our local government elections in March and also a State election in October. Your Policy Executive will discuss these issues in more detail at the meeting, and will receive an update on the LGAQ Election Campaign and subsequent Elected Member welcome campaign.

There has been quite a lot of consultation activity to note, plus revisiting important ongoing topics such as waste management, the Bush Councils' Compact and the proposed rural water and wastewater program.

Responsible for the determination of the Association's policy on behalf of member councils, the Policy Executive consists of 15 district representatives and the President.

Each meeting of the year is an important step in the process of achieving the advocacy outcomes of the association. We encourage you to browse the papers and touch base with your district representative on any issue of interest.

December Minutes: Many advocacy matters such as waste management carry through to our upcoming meeting. Take a look at December's Minutes to refresh yourself on the ongoing work that is important to all districts.

Building certification: The LGAQ will work with council officers to review and develop a revised LGAQ Policy Statement in relation to building certification, that could be endorsed by the Policy Executive for consideration by members at the 2020 LGAQ Annual Conference. 

We encourage you to read the meeting papers and the LGAQ Advocacy Action Plan. Should you have questions or suggestions relating to the agenda items be sure to contact your District Representative for further discussion. See the Policy Executive webpage for District Representative details.

The Business Paper and associated attachments (member access required) are now online for members.

Please contact Dorothy Mohanta, Executive Officer should you have enquiries regarding the LGAQ Policy Executive meeting or the online documents 1300 542 700.

Local Government Association of Queensland
LG House, 25 Evelyn Street, Newstead Qld 4006


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