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Winton Shire leads the way for sustainable energy

The Winton Shire geothermal energy plant will come on line mid this year, providing an energy source for council buildings and eventually the entire town.Winton Shire

The innovative project is set to save the Winton Shire up to $20 million in energy costs and is providing a test case for geothermal energy in Queensland, with potential application for other councils.

“There’s a number of councils in the north west that can make use of the Great Artesian Basin and the hot water that it generates, combined with solar - which is very much on the agenda for the LGAQ,” LGAQ President Mark Jamieson said, speaking with Loretta Ryan on ABC Local Radio Queensland.

The geothermal plant was a key item at this week’s LGAQ Policy Executive meeting in Winton and is a timely topic amidst debate around climate change, energy sources and costs.

“The geothermal plant at Winton is really an outstanding opportunity, it will produce about 2000 megawatt hours per year,” he said.

“To be self-sufficient, on a reliable, sustainable resource, being the Great Artesian Basin and sunshine, it really does set up those communities to not only save a lot of money but to have a more effective and reliable system.”

Mayor Jamieson also tagged rural infrastructure, rail and light rail alternatives and investment in digital infrastructure as some key focal areas for councils in an expected State Election year.


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