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What makes Cloncurry proud? Four friendly reasons.

Tuesday, 1st January, 2018

For anyone who's ever visited ‘The Curry', it's hardly a surprise that it's officially been named the friendliest town in Queensland. For the second time.

Cloncurry Shire Council media officer Luke Chaplain gives us four friendly reasons why.

"Obviously the people," Luke says.

"Whether it’s a sporting event or a bit of a crisis, we all come together and chip in.

A good example is how people from all over the community recently joined the search for a missing hiker, with success. Even the mustering helicopters joined."

“The visual landscape,” Luke continues. 

“Mountains, desert, rocks, but also dams, waters and bushlands - it all adds up to the town’s liveability.”

Innovative investment

“We’re thriving economically."

”Innovations in copper and gold mining have brought new opportunities to the region, and mining companies invest big in parks, buildings and other parts of the council."

And less expected: the plans of a new dam might even bring irrigated agriculture to this hot part of Queensland.

"No one would have ever thought that we’d be growing crops out here, but we’re close to making it happen."

Local touch

“I think (Cloncurry Unearthed Visitor Information Manager) Gail Wikapi is a big part of why we won the award”, Luke concludes his list on a more personal note. 

“Her endless work for the Cloncurry Historical Society and Cloncurry Unearthed make a big difference every year."

When asked if they should change from ‘The Friendly Heart of the North-West’ to that of Queensland, Luke responds: “Maybe friendly heart of Australia, the friendly heart of the world, really."

"We appreciate the recognition and invite everyone to venture up and experience an authentic part of Australia you won’t forget."

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